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Too many things to do. Too little time. That's how college is. No more. No less.

And sometimes, just when you wanna bail out you realize you got no choice.

So I guess this is just saying fuck off world, Im gonna end this sem well and this time, Im not slacking off.

The list goes like this.

1. Art Stud Report
2. Art Stud Exam
3. Art Stud Term Paper.
4. J102 Final paper
5. Film 100 Report
6. Film 100 Paper
7. Film 100 Exam
8. BC 100 Prod
9. Envi Sci paper
10. Com 130 Paper
11. Com 130 Report
12. Com 130 finals

Anyways, I just wanna share that I prayed the rosary tonight. Oh yes, after ten years, i just can't remember when was the last time (probably when I was still at St. Paul), I did and it just felt good. Thanks mom for bullying me. And I swear, you dont have to bully me next time.
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