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take the remote control.

Heath Ledger died.
The latest is, Mary Kate Olsen killed him.
Hahaha. <3. Joke. I love you MK.

Ohmygawd my eyes are dying, i swear. No contact lenses for  acouple of days starting tomorrow. And I dont like wearing eyeglass in public. Fudge. It's crazy how people looked at me like i have sore eyes, i mean sore eyes caused by viral shits. Hello this is caused by irritation from my contacts so don't be afraid people.


Comm 130 exam was the BOMB. It almost killed us :( Like hello to Uncertainty Reduction Theory, nice meeting you. Say hi to horizontal and vertical communication for me. Wtf.

Rewind 2x.

Everybody's into love lately. Like new relationship, dying relationship and the hottest boy-to-boy relationship. Sana ako din.

Fast forward. 2 hours ago.

I saw the season premier of OTH 5 which Karen downloaded from the internet. Bitin. Kulang ang dinowload. Toink. :)


i saw rb, i missed him.
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