Kristine Galang (kriztinejhoy) wrote,
Kristine Galang

syet monday na naman.

how many times did I start an entry with "this is crazy" . 

well this is crazy. saturday night was the bomb and the surprise from aiana and mady, was uh, oh, surprising! i love the fact that it was a wake up call that i'll always have them.

i received an invitation for rc's final rights. i bet it's gonna feel like hell for me. you know i get really depressed with things like this. sometimes i wish that applying for masscom orgs could be easier :) next sem, it's gonna be a ba org. i wish.

ohmygawd, i should take things easy. im going there.

any crime out there. i need a police story.

wait global fun is extended up to the end of the month. sooooooo, i still have the chanceeeeee.

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